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Thad Josh Tayo

Owner / Founder

Alan Weng

Lead Web Designer

Ahmed Elgazzar

Web Developer

The Start of Something Great

Founded by Thad Joshua Tayo, Bloom Technologies was created not with a vision of profit, but a vision of helping businesses all across the country. With the many experiences he gained from the software engineering industry, Thad founded the business in February of 2021, when he saw that small businesses throughout the world were struggling to adapt to the global pandemic. Those that had the resources were able to integrate technology to maintain a relationship online, while those that didn't suffered. This obvious gap between small businesses and technologies is what urged Thad to get Bloom Technologies up and running as fast as possible.

Thad recruited from the university he was currently attending - Rutgers University New Brunswick. There, he met his first team: Ahmed Elgazzar and Alan Weng. The three of them shared the same vision: positively impact as many people as possible through business technology. From there, they worked tirelessly to scale Bloom Technologies.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick - Where Thad Graduated And Found His First Team

Rutgers University, New Brunswick - where it all started

A look into working with Bloom Technologies

Who We Are, On The Inside

In the world of technology, the most important habit to establish in this field is that of continuous learning. As such, we wanted to cultivate an environment of personal growth and progression. Nobody knows everything right away, and that's just fine. Today, Bloom Technologies is not just a business, but a place of academia, asking questions, and growing into the talented individual you want to be. That goes for our Bloom Technologies team and everyone we may work with!

We constantly aim to be the most accomodating business out there. Diversity and inclusion is a nonnegotiable tenet for our team and anyone we work with. We truly believe that because of the culture we've cultivated in our team and the principles we believe in, we are prepared to work in any and all environments.

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